Young wines


Langhe Chardonnay (100%)

In stainless steel containers.
3 months in the bottle.
Colour: pale straw yellow with shades of green

Aroma: delicate, lingering, elegant
Flavour: dry, tangy and aristocratic
Alcohol content: 13% Vol.
Aperitif, starters, pasta and rice dishes, fish


Dolcetto D' Alba (100%)

In stainless steel containers.
3 months in the bottle.
Colour: ruby red with shades of purple.

Aroma: subtle and intense, with hints of berry fruit.

Flavour: full and harmonious, velvety
Alcohol content: 13% Vol.
Red and white meat, mushrooms and pasta.


Barbera D' Alba (100%)

6 months in stainless steel containers
3 months in the bottle.
Colour: bright lively ruby red

Aroma: subtle, intense, delicately fruity.
Flavour: full and harmonious, with good acidity
Alcohol content: 14% Vol.

Cured meats, white and red meat


Moscato D' Asti (100%)

1 months natural fermentation in pressurised steel tank
3 months in bottle.
Colour: straw yellow
Aroma: fresh and fragrant, with floral notes
Flavour: sweet, delicate, aromatic and characteristic
Alcohol content: 5,5% Vol.
dessert, cakes and biscuits

The art of possible

"The realization of wishes is the art of possible.". As said by Renzo Lodali “The best or nothink”and in this only way it should be. Quality for us is a must, this ensure to whom choose us top quality and true authenticity

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